5 Lightroom Tricks For Killer Photo Edits

The key thing to remember with this Lightroom trick is to use it WITH the natural light. So place it where the sun would be coming from naturally. If I had put it in the top left corner it would look strange when the light is clearly coming from the top right.

As with all post processing, subtlety is key.

To create the sun-flare all you have to do is select the Radial Filter tool and use the settings below.

You might have to slightly adjust for each photo but the above settings will work most of the time. Make sure the color is a light yellow/orange shade, the Feather is set to 100 and Invert Mask is checked, the rest can be changed a little if necessary. But like I said, start with these settings as they will work most of the time.

Once you’ve set up your radial tool with these settings you can save them as a preset for next time, like you can see I have done.

A quick side note about presets

I’ve actually just given you a preset for free from our All-in-1 Professional Lightroom Bundle which comes with 35 develop presets, 10 brushes, 5 graduated filters, 5 radial filters (one of which you’ve just got for free) and 9 export settings. Presets are great for giving you a base edit to work from, speeding up the editing process, and showing you different ways of editing within Lightroom to help advance your skills.

Our All-in-1 Professional Lightroom Bundle also comes with 4 info guides explaining exactly what each preset does, which kinds of photos they work best on, and how you can get the most out of each. We’ve even put together an easy installation guide so you can get to work as soon as you’ve downloaded them.

Once you have the right radial filter settings to make an artificial sun-flare, you need to make a large circle (much bigger than you think you’ll need) and place about 90% of it outside the image so that only part of the soft edge is visible in the corner.

Example below:

4) A Lightroom trick to keep everything neat and tidy: Solo Mode

This one is a simple one but if you’re anything like me and you like things to be nicely organised and looking tidy, then you should try it out if you aren’t already.

Instead of having all of the panels in the develop module open at once and scrolling though them until you find what you’re looking for, right-click on one of them and select ‘Solo Mode’. This way every time you expand a panel, the others will automatically collapse.


5) The Fader

Let’s get back on the topic of presets for a minute for this last Lightroom trick.

Often when you’re using your own presets, or ones you’ve downloaded, the effect they have on images can be a little too strong. It’s impossible to make one preset that will instantly work perfectly on every photo, so it’s completely normal to want to reduce the effect a little sometimes.

Lightroom doesn’t have a way pre-built into it to reduce all develop settings equally at the same time. You need to download a third-party plugin to do that. Luckily there is a great one available for free from the guys over at Capture Monkey.

Click here to download the Fader plugin from Capture Monkey.

Once you’ve downloaded the plugin follow these steps to install it:

  • Unzip the ZIP file you just downloaded
  • In Lightroom click ‘File’, and then ‘Plug-in Manager’
  • Then click the ‘Add’ button near the bottom of the dialog box
  • Navigate to the file you unzipped in the first step
  • Open it and highlight the ‘TheFader.lrplugin’ file, then click ‘Add Plugin’
  • Quit Lightroom and restart it, that will complete the installation of The Fader

Now that The Fader is installed all you have to do is find an image you want to apply a preset to, click the ‘File’ tab, expand the ‘Plug-in Extras’ option and select ‘The Fader’.

You’ll get a small box that pops up where you can choose the preset you want to apply and an opacity slider to control the strength of the preset. Once you’re happy you can click ‘OK’ and make any additional tweaks you may feel are necessary to individual develop settings.

So there you have it! 5 awesome Lightroom tricks that hopefully you didn’t already know about

I hope you’ve learnt something new, and that you’ve been inspired to change up your editing workflow a little. All it takes is using one of these Lightroom tricks to give your edits a totally different feel.

If you have learned something new, or have anything to add, then let me know down in the comments below.

Until next time!

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